Event & Program

CHAI WAN MEI Art and Design Festival 2015
14.03 – 15.03

Now in its fourth year, Chai Wan Mei Art & Design Festival, Hong Kong’s celebration of the arts, will open to the public on 14 and 15 March with 30+ participating spaces. Entry is free of charge.

Taking place during Hong Kong’s annual Art Week and coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong, Chai Wan Mei invites Hong Kongers and visitor to explore, learn, shop and eat. This year’s vibrant programme includes guerrilla art installations, performances, pop-up exhibitions, workshops and much more.

Co-organised by art personalities of international repute Katie de Tilly of 10 Chancery Lane, Claudia Albertini of Platform China Contemporary Art Institute and Peter Lau of Asia One, Chai Wan Mei consolidates Hong Kong as an art hub, using the industrial Chai Wan as a venue for this grass-roots concept and creating a platform for Hong Kong artists. Specific to the creative community in Hong Kong, Chai Wan Mei encapsulates the best of the local art scene, drawing together its highlights for Hong Konger’s to revel in.

“Chai Wan Mei was born from the passion to share the work from within our creative community. Chai Wan based artists, designers, performances, photographers and musicians all participate in Chai Wan Mei. The festival has established itself and a pioneering movement that has grown up amidst the meat-packing, printing houses and industrial spaces that characterise Chai Wan”, said Katie de Tilly.

Setting the scene, students from the Polytechnic University, School of Design have created branding which encapsulates the industrial elements of Chai Wan through its colour scheme, taken from the barges that sit in the typhoon shelter and ubiquitously relate Hong Kong’s identity with the harbour. The design comes to life with mobile structures and carts moving through Chai Wan during the weekend. Sponsors include K11, the world’s first art mall, Monique and Max Burger’s The Burger Collection, Nam Wah Neonlights, Sook, a private kitchen in Hong Kong, and Maersk Line.

What to see and do

There are over 45 activities to see, learn and engage with over the weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

Art Programme curated by Inti Guerrero

Hong Kong-based Guerrero presents ‘Videos and words from a Post-Industrial City’, featuring a series of rogue art installations by established and rising local and international artists.  Based on the Chai Wan industrial area, the video-curated-show consists of 10 powerful video pieces and five neon-text-based works. Each video is shown on an individual screen, with the 10 screens placed strategically around the industrial city venue. Artists include Carlos Amorales (MEX), Cao Fei (CH), Liu Chuang (CH) and Kacey Wong (HK) among others.

Performance Programme curated by WING Platform

Focusing on books and storytelling through performances and special events, the story is seen as a vivid encounter between performer and spectator. Visitors will be engaged in different narratives going from ancient myths and fables to science fiction and personal stories. The site-specific character of the festival re-negotiates the relationship between performer and audience, between author and reader. Artists include Scarlet Yu, Elysa Wendi, Yu-Chen Wang, Caroline Ha Tuc and Didier Faustino.

Screening Programme composited by Hitomi Hasegawa

Titled ‘Immediacy’ –in reference to today’s media culture and using moving images of artists from Japan and Hong Kong, the programme evolves around the concept of immediacy. The screening examines the speed and fast pace of life in Hong Kong and China now, examines immediacy in the artists’ moving images though a historical and aesthetical lens and how contemporary artists perceive immediate media such as TV and the internet. There are selected works by Masanobu Nishino, Map Office, Adrian Wong, Hikaru Suzuki and Li Xiaofei.


  • ‘Fortune’ with Cheung Yee and ‘Forever Young’ with Hai Tien by AO Vertical Art Space
  • ‘Black and White Cats’ featuring Huang Rui and Wang Keping by 10 Chancery Lane Art Projects
  • ‘Dear, Why Freedom?’ with Jin Shan and Sun Yuan and Peng Yu by Platform China HK
  • Group show ‘She has a gloomy dream’ with works by six Hong Kong artists by Carol Lee studio
  • ‘Erosion’, a  library of 500 unique porcelain vessels questioning the role of the designer by letting nature become an active agent of the design process by Latitude 22N


  • Insight School of Interior Design: learn how to display works of art in your home with tutors from the only dedicated Interior Design School in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers: learn how to use the latest photography equipment and gain insight from professional photographers as they showcase their works
  • Youth Square Printing Art Gallery: a series of printing workshops discusses the history of the letterpress with art DIY sessions

For a full list of our program, please download our event catalogue and map HERE. You can also pick it up at the Info Point at Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1 during the event.