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Atelier 16

Exhibition: Stir Fry & moreArtist: Konstantin Bessmertny An installation of found objects, sculptures and artifacts representing the artist’s view on an overused notion of “cultural identity”, as well as paintings. Atelier 16A16 Unit 5, 16/F, Paramount Building, 12 Ka Yip 2810 0065

Artify Gallery

Exhibition: Sorry, it’s fragileArtist: Elva Lai Memory image of migration – this exhibition focuses on the artist’s personal memory of migration. By observing her own family’s immigration journey, the current migration history of Hong Kong can be illustrated and investigated to further understand the fragility of human existence in a post-colonial and post-industrial world. Artify …

Pure Art Foundation

Exhibition: Introducing Pure Art FoundationArtists: Cheng Chi Ming, GayBird, Project Across, The 20th ifva media art category Works by Cheng Chi Ming and Project Across, and installations from the 20th ifva media art category. “SimCity”, by Cheng Chi Ming, is a computer interactive game exploring the relationships among Homo sapiens, space and land. “Touch Wood” is …

Nice Pops

Makers of incredibly nice, handmade, gourmet ice pops. Nice Pops (Nice Company HK Ltd.)Rooftop, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 2, 70 Wing Tai 6875 4334

WING Platform for Performance

Exhibition: Tell Me A TaleScreening Artists: , MAP Office, Masanobu Nishino, Hikaru Suzuki, Adrian Wong, Li Xiaofei, Kenji Iwaisawa.Performance Artists: Didier Faustino, Caroline Ha Thuc, Yu-Chen Wang, Elysa Wendi, Scarlet Yu. Performances and public interventions focusing on storytelling engage the visitor in different narratives, going from ancient myths and fables to science fiction and personal …

Michael Wolf’s Private Studio & Blue Lotus Consultancy

Exhibition: Hong Kong StoriesArtists: Ho Fan and Michael Wolf Hong Kong’s unique character has been a muse to many photographers over time. Ho Fan, one of Asia’s most beloved street photographers in the 50-60’s explored Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle on the streets and the sea.Michael Wolf shares the same fascination for this city and …

Platform China

Exhibition: Dear, Why FreedomArtist: Jin Shan, Sun Yuan, Peng Yu Featuring works by Chinese artists Jin Shan and Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, “ Dear, Why Freedom” considers and creates a visual construction that both engages and diverts meaning. The juxtaposition of Jin Shan’s new video work together with Sun Yuan & Peng Yu’s highly …

Woodhoo Furniture

Workshop: Pallet Wood Silkscreening WorkshopArtists: Keith & Kit Upcycling pallet woods into door signs, audience can create their own piece with pallet wood silkscreening. Audience may also get inspired by the pallet wood hand-made lamps exhibiting there. Woodhoo FurnitureA308, 3/F, Man Foong Industrial Building, 7 Cheung Lee 6030 0380/ +852 6038 3388

Six O One 601

Six O One 601 was opened by a group of passionate food lovers. They provide cooking lessons, lunch dining, catering service, wedding cake creations, etc. Six O One 601Unit 601, 6/F, Cheung Tat Centre, 18 Cheung Lee Street 5401 1722

Youth Square

Workshop: Youth Square Printing Art Gallery “Letterpress Printing Art Workshop & Guided Tour”Curator: anothermountainman Workshop will feature a guided tour to the Printing Art Gallery, letterpress printing-art DIY session and the sharing of local letterpress printing history by Mr. Lee Chak Yue. Exhibition: MY Crafts Mart Design GalleryArtists: Law Wing Yi, Elaine Chan, Abelia Ho, Amber Au, Tam …