Viet & Thai

Vietnamese and Thai restaurant specializing in Pho, Home made Spring Roll, Exclusive Pork meatball with lemongrass, etc.… Viet & ThaiUnit 1504, 15/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai RoadFacebook: Viet& 9643 7688

WING Platform for Performance

Exhibition: Tell Me A TaleScreening Artists: , MAP Office, Masanobu Nishino, Hikaru Suzuki, Adrian Wong, Li Xiaofei, Kenji Iwaisawa.Performance Artists: Didier Faustino, Caroline Ha Thuc, Yu-Chen Wang, Elysa Wendi, Scarlet Yu. Performances and public interventions focusing on storytelling engage the visitor in different narratives, going from ancient myths and fables to science fiction and personal …

Michael Wolf’s Private Studio & Blue Lotus Consultancy

Exhibition: Hong Kong StoriesArtists: Ho Fan and Michael Wolf Hong Kong’s unique character has been a muse to many photographers over time. Ho Fan, one of Asia’s most beloved street photographers in the 50-60’s explored Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle on the streets and the sea.Michael Wolf shares the same fascination for this city and …

Studio HA!

Exhibition: Yasu Matsumoto and Jackson PattersonArtists: Yasu Matsumoto and Jackson Patterson General Store presents work from photgraphers Yasu Matsumoto (Japan) and Jackson Patterson (USA) at Studio HA!. More info at Studio HA!Unit 1405, 14/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Road 2851 8144

Zone A Studio

Exhibition: I Want To Be A MachineArtists: Martin Riese, Serena Chan, Ronald Ansbach & others. A selection of recent multi-media art and photographs from Zone-A’s collection of over a million photographs and images. Zone A StudioUnit 7, 12/F, Cornell Centre, 50 Wing Tai Road 9193 2286

Platform China

Exhibition: Dear, Why FreedomArtist: Jin Shan, Sun Yuan, Peng Yu Featuring works by Chinese artists Jin Shan and Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, “ Dear, Why Freedom” considers and creates a visual construction that both engages and diverts meaning. The juxtaposition of Jin Shan’s new video work together with Sun Yuan & Peng Yu’s highly …

Woodhoo Furniture

Workshop: Pallet Wood Silkscreening WorkshopArtists: Keith & Kit Upcycling pallet woods into door signs, audience can create their own piece with pallet wood silkscreening. Audience may also get inspired by the pallet wood hand-made lamps exhibiting there. Woodhoo FurnitureA308, 3/F, Man Foong Industrial Building, 7 Cheung Lee 6030 0380/ +852 6038 3388

Six O One 601

Six O One 601 was opened by a group of passionate food lovers. They provide cooking lessons, lunch dining, catering service, wedding cake creations, etc. Six O One 601Unit 601, 6/F, Cheung Tat Centre, 18 Cheung Lee Street 5401 1722

Youth Square

Workshop: Youth Square Printing Art Gallery “Letterpress Printing Art Workshop & Guided Tour”Curator: anothermountainman Workshop will feature a guided tour to the Printing Art Gallery, letterpress printing-art DIY session and the sharing of local letterpress printing history by Mr. Lee Chak Yue. Exhibition: MY Crafts Mart Design GalleryArtists: Law Wing Yi, Elaine Chan, Abelia Ho, Amber Au, Tam …


Exhibition: 10th Anniversary Exhibition In Conversations with 100 Local Artists100 Local Artists In celebration of its10th anniversary, YY9 Gallery presents “In  Conversations”, a group exhibition featuring 100 local contemporary artists. Including artworks by Chris Lo, Alannala Lau, Kennis Chan and Jiwye To and highlighting a collaborative art piece. This installation embodies an intimate connection and a visual …