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Latitude 22N

Exhibition: ErosionArtists: Julie Progin and Jesse Mc Lin A library of 500 unique porcelain vessels questioning the role of the designer by letting nature become an active agent of the design process. Latitude 22NUnit B, 16/F, Man Foong Industrial Building, 7 Cheung Lee 2480 1182

Woodhoo Furniture

Workshop: Pallet Wood Silkscreening WorkshopArtists: Keith & Kit Upcycling pallet woods into door signs, audience can create their own piece with pallet wood silkscreening. Audience may also get inspired by the pallet wood hand-made lamps exhibiting there. Woodhoo FurnitureA308, 3/F, Man Foong Industrial Building, 7 Cheung Lee 6030 0380/ +852 6038 3388