WING Platform for Performance

Exhibition: Tell Me A Tale
Screening Artists: , MAP Office, Masanobu Nishino, Hikaru Suzuki, Adrian Wong, Li Xiaofei, Kenji Iwaisawa.
Performance Artists: Didier Faustino, Caroline Ha Thuc, Yu-Chen Wang, Elysa Wendi, Scarlet Yu.

Performances and public interventions focusing on storytelling engage the visitor in different narratives, going from ancient myths and fables to science fiction and personal stories, challenging the relationship between performer and audience. “And the Story Goes”, the screening program curated by MIACA, will focus on storytelling in the moving image today. The rooftop hosts the culinary heart of Chai Wan Mei by Sook + Eat Ethio. Drinks sponsored by the Hong Kong Beer Co.

WING Platform for Performance
Roaming Performances, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1 and Phase 2
+852 6051 0120